-------------------------- IN HIGHLIGHTS -------------------------

Trekking Lagoa Azul/ Lagoa Bonita - 01 Dia

01/2020 até 12/2020

A quick Trekking, which contemplates the two most famous lagoons of Lençóis Maranhenses.

 Expedition Tapuio de Caiaques - 4hs

01/2020 até 12/2020

A tour of nature contemplation and cultural assimilation. A historic visit to the farinha house

Crossings de Bike - 03 Dias / 02 Noites

01/2020 até 05/2020

. 80 km of bicycle touring, get to know Lençóis Maranhenses in a different way. A winter walk with lots of emotions.

City Tour Cultural Barreirinhas - 2hs

01/2020 até 12/2020

Barreirinhas Cultural City Tour, visit on foot to the main historical, natural and artistic points of the city

Trekking Lagoa Bonita Roots - 03 Dias / 02 Noites

01/2020 até 12/20202

.A 51 km Root Trekking that visits Ponta do Mangue, Baixa Grande and Lagoa Bonita

Trekking Tradicional - 04 Dias / 03 Noites

01/2020 até 12/2020

A 70 km root trek, a complete crossing from the east side to the west side of Lençóis Maranhenses.

Expedition de Caiaques Rio Preguiças - Com Off Road 4x4 - 10hs 

01/20 até 05/20

. 4x4 off road expedition with kayaks on the Preguiças river, contemplates; wild nature the Pequenos Lençóis and the peninsula of Caburé beach

Expedition Deserto de Água - Com Caiaques - 2 Dias/ 1 Noite

01/2020 até 07/2020

One of the most intense experiences in the desert, a crossing made by kayaks and human collectivity.

Combo Lençóis Maranhenses - 04 different tours 

01/2020 até 12/2020

Package with 04 tickets for regular tours of Barreirinhas, visitation of the Lagoas Azul circuit, Lagoa Bonita circuit, Atins Circuits, Rio Preguiças.

--------------------------Premium Tours-------------------------

Trekking Especial - 03 Days / 02 Night

01/2020 até 12/2020

ando trA 35 km trek carried out in the primitive zone, crossing the desert from east to west, using transport on authorized circuits reducing physical effort.

Trekking 100 % ecological- 08 Days/ 07 Night

01/2020 até 12/2020

An ecological walk that explores the cerrado and sandbank of Lençóis Maranhenses, visiting communities outside traditional routes.

Super Trekking - 04 Days/ 03 Night

01/2020 até 12/2020

A 45 km trek that contemplates regions of primitive zone outside the traditional routes.

Kite Experience - 12hs

07/20 até 12/2020

Have you ever thought of sailing in an exclusive lagoon of Lençóis Maranhenses for you, your friends or your family. Feel that experience.

Super Lagoa-The luxury collective -
10 pm

01/20 até 12/20

Um passeio com saídas diárias com muita interação e diversão nas lagoas com prancha de SUP, fatbikes, caiaques e muita dinâmicas, tudo isso em um dia de diversão

Trekking EcoImersão - 04 Days/ 03 Night

01/2020 até 12/2020

An 82 km trek, exploring the region of vegetation and dune fields without the use of transport. One of the longest hikes in Lençóis Maranhenses

Trekking Lagoa Bonita - 2 Days/ 1 Night

01/2020 até 12/2020

A fast trekking 28 km of contemplation of the river Preguiças, Pequenos Lençóis, Baixa Grande and Lagoa Bonita.

Expedition de Caiaques Discover Rio Preguiças - 2 Dias/ 1 Noite

01/20 até 05/20

One of the greatest experiences of the Preguiças River, an adventure with Camping in Pequenos Lençóis with expedition ending in Atins.

Super Lagoa - The best regular tour of Lençóis Maranheses -10hs

01/2020 até 12/2020

A tour with a single departure in the day, an adventure that brought together a lot of interaction, dynamism and fun, with recreation equipment and lunch included.

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